security is a journey

our business is to make it painless

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A different approach

At Integritas, what matters is listening to clients to understand what they really need.

We don’t tell you to comply to a requirement “because the rules say so” – we explain the rationale and help you to achieve it in a practical way that makes sense for your business.

We don’t sell you “solutions” that you won’t need.

We don’t ask our clients for testimonials – we wait for them to develop through word-of-mouth.

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Vulnerability Management


Clients shouldn’t just try to be compliant only during an annual assessment; the objective is continuous “always present” security through business-as-usual processes.


We are your extended team

At Integritas, our business is helping you achieve security without pain. Whether you need consulting, vulnerability management or training, we’ve got programs and services you need to make your business rock.

Our focus is identifying your key risks and helping you develop business-as-usual processes to get there.

Our business is to make security painless

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